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TIC Council Americas is proud to present a 3-part virtual panel series to explore the proliferation of online fraud and sale of counterfeit products. Join with the TIC Council as we explore the depths of this issue, how online fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods is affecting the industry, government, and consumers, and efforts underway to address this growing issue. Support the TIC Council in bringing visibility to this issue; share using the hashtag #FightingOnlineFakes and send us thoughts and questions to TIC Council Americas Acting Executive Director, Karin Athanas at

The COVID-19 crisis has brought renewed visibility to an old problem, the growth and proliferation of online fraud and the sale of counterfeit products. TIC Council and its members continue to work with industry, legislators, and regulators to seek solutions to this growing issue and look forward to expanding the conversation.

3-Part Virtual Panel Series outlines:

Virtual Panel 1
September 22 at 11am EST

Theme: Counterfeits and Online Fraud, Scoping the Problem

COVID-19 has brought visibility to an issue that has been bubbling to the surface for years. In this panel, we will explore the prevalence and extent of online fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods. This will include different views of what a 'counterfeit' is and issues we as an industry are facing in seeking solutions. 
· RILA, Michael Hanson (Senior Executive VP of Public Affairs)

· AOAC, Palmer Orlandi, Director & Chief Science Officer

. Bureau Veritas, Rick Rosati, Vice President, Government Affairs and Industry Standards

Virtual Panel 2

October 1st at 11am EST

Theme: The Cost of Online Fraud and Counterfeits

Many have seen the news reports of counterfeit masks being sold online, providing consumers with little defence against the pandemic and dodging US regulation meant to protect consumers. In this panel, we will explore how this growing issue has affected industry, regulators, and consumers resulting in lost revenue, theft of IP, and continues to threaten consumer safety.

· CPSC, Commissioner Baiocco

· GAO, Kimberly Gianopoulos, Director in GAO’s International Affairs and Trade mission team

· AHAM, Jill Notini, VP of Communications

Virtual Panel 3
October 7th at 11am EST

Theme: Efforts to Combat Fraud and Counterfeiting in the United States

While online fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods continues to grow, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is great work being done to identify and respond to online fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods. In this panel, we will be exploring the actions underway at agencies, within the industry, and elsewhere and engaging in a discussion on next steps for combating this issue.
· USPTO, Shira Perlmutter, Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs

· CBP, Alaina van Horn, Chief, Intellectual Property Rights Branch

· TRACIT, Jeff Hardy, Director-General

· HSI, Brian Weinhaus, Unit Chief, HSI Intellectual Property Rights Unit



Start: September 22, 2020
11:00 AM
End: October 7, 2020
1:00 PM
TIC Council

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