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TIC Council India's E-Food Dialogue Series aims to create a virtual platform for stakeholders to discuss, strategize, and implement effective measures to safeguard food systems against unforeseen events.

The first dialogue of the series, taking place on 18 July at 15:00 IST/11:30 CEST, will focus on developing resilient food systems, emphasizing prevention and rapid responses, and will delve deeper into the necessity and strategies for food crisis prevention and management.

This dialogue will bring together experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders to discuss effective strategies for avoiding crises while simultaneously protecting the future of the food supply chain. It will also include debates on technology and innovation to construct resilient systems.

The key objective of the event is to spark thought-provoking discussions on the need for food crisis prevention and management from a global perspective while maintaining local considerations.

Topics to be covered:

  • Crisis detection and early warning symptoms;

  • Best practices for maintaining supply chain integrity and preventing contamination;

  • Strategies to ensure continuity and safety in food supply chains during unexpected disruptions;

  • Policy recommendations for building resilient food safety systems;

  • How innovations in food safety testing and monitoring can support preventative measures and rapid response strategies;

  • Strengthened partnerships and coordinated efforts among stakeholders to tackle food safety challenges.

The discussion will take place on Webex and will be moderated by Jyoti Bhasin, Managing Director - Asia Pacific at NSF.

Speakers to be announced soon!



Start: 18 July 2024
End: 18 July 2024
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